James Griggs

Appearance: 6'1", black skin, large muscles, brown eyes, short cropped hair. And a boss mustache

Job: Self-proclaimed as unemployed, but is a hunter of sorts, and formerly a farmer

Backstory: Born as the son of a farmer, he worked commonly throughout his childhood in the land beyond the second wall with little eventfulness. However, whenever he asked to go inside the city, his father just gave a blunt "No." and kept working. When he was eighteen, he awoke to the sounds of a fight downstairs, and grabbed his rifle from under the bed. he slowly crept downstairs, where he saw his mother sprawled out on the ground with a bullet hole in her head and his father struggling with the gunman. The gunman fired three shots at point-blank range into his father's head, killing the man instantly. James fired his rifle at the man, but only injured the guy's leg. Out of ammo and wounded, the gunman ran out into the night and was never heard of again.
But Griggs wants revenge. And he's out to get it with nothing but an old M14 one of his ancestors had, and the clothes on his back. In-Game story:After sneaking into the city, James spotted a fight breaking out between a gang and a PI, the latter of whom he needed for some help. Walking over there, he defused the situation, and managed to get help from the man at a promised later date. He told the PI to look out for anyone with a limp who was white & tall, and subsequently returned home to bury his parents and rest.