Name: They call me Jose Description: Scrawny but tall, surprisingly tough but not strong at all. Suntanned face with dark eyes and white hair. Age: Not quite a teenager yet. Job: Help take care of other kids.

I... I don't know what happened to my parents. I remember... smiling faces... loud noises... I was alone. The Police picked me up and sent me to an "Orphanage" It was a jungle out there, where the old and strong ruled the weak. Many of the younger ones died while the older ones stole all the food and climbed the walls, and eventually were recruited by the Police or the Mafia, depending on what they find while sneaking out of the orphanage.. Some of the bullies handle themselves like mafioso bosses while others pretend to be policemen, but all steal their food, younger ones keep dying. I make stuff, I have a friend who appreciate me. I made stuff that helps him keep watch on his food; traps, I guess. Some times a Policeman comes with more food, one of them likes me. Says I have a future. There is no future. I just make more stuff and try not to starve for too long... Maybe sometimes I feed another, but only sometimes... Cuz its a Boy eat Baby world in here.