Joseph van de Vooten is a character in Core. He is known for having a split personality, a confused Amnesia man looking for the secrets of is past, and a Schizophrenic crazy man who eats rats.

No matter who he is at any given moment, Joseph is a trained assassin. He learned his skills at the Black Snakes - a forgotten secret group. It was recently discovered that he killed 'Nana', one of Jose The Orphans close friends. He also killed a few teenagers recently.

Character BioEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Joseph is very tall, about 1.9m tall. He is quite muscular, and has a very toned body. His face is scarred by his eye, and he has a stubble. His eyes are blue. He has medium length hair which is in a Mullet. He is 23.

Job Edit

Professional Assassin


Not much is known of Joseph. He was born here, as were his parents, but his grandparents were born in Amsterdam. His parents were alcoholics and smoked weed. He was abused by his father, and beaten by his mother. At the age of 18, he killed his parents using a pen. He stabbed them in the throat and tossed their bodies in the coast. Now he lives as a professional assassin, available for hire. Whether it's the cops or mafia, he does not care about family ties. He does his job, gets his money and leaves. After his killing spree of peasants, 143 of them, the cops haven't hired him for 2 years, and the mafia has stayed away, so it has been a rough couple of years for him. He possesses an arsenal of weapons, and is a black belt in various things. He suffers from Schizophrenia, Amnesia, Dyslexia and many other psychological problems. Doctors who are still alive today says it is remarkable he is still alive. Recently after seeing the doctor he kills them. He lives in the Old Core, but is never seen. Not alot is known about him because he lost his diary containing his life story.

Unusual ThingsEdit

Some very weird things have been done by Joseph, here are some of them:

Talking with HimselfEdit

Joseph has the habit of talking to himself. However, he looks into his reflection and his Amnesia side argues with his Schizophrenic side.

Eating RatsEdit

Joseph has the tendancy to eat rats, alot. On a few occasions he vomitted them out.


Joseph also sings alot, when a strange thing happens or when something funny happens. Here is a recent example:

They come in large and small

But all they good all in all

And when they come out to play

I have to put my guns away

Because they are tasty and fresh

Especially their lovely greyish flesh!