Description: Lean and slender, Vasiliy has a gymnast's build. He stays in as good shape as he can, considering he often goes hungry at night. Built more for speed and agility than pure strength, he can both sprint and run long-distance fairly well. He is 18 years old.
Job: A part of the Russian Mafia for one year. Specifically, he delivers messages, packages, and anything else that needs delivering.
Backstory: His grandparents were late in entering the Core, and they barely survived in the slums. His parents scarcely rose above, but it was a living for Vasiliy and his siblings. Vasiliy grew up as a relatively average slum kid, although with a natural aptitude for traversing on the rooftops of the ramshackle houses. And then one day the Mafia took note of him. They offered him a way to earn money, to help out his family. Cautiously, he accepted the role. Thus far, he has managed to avoid any unwanted attention, either from rival gangs or the police and has brought home extra money to help his family. Time will tell if his fortune continues...

Events so far: One night, Vasiliy was suddenly awoken by men from the Russian Mafia. They took him to see the Don himself, Viktor Vassiliev. Once there, he was given an unusual task: set up a rendevouz with the Don of the Italian Mafia, Giustino Alessandri. He managed to remember how to get to Italian Mafia areas, and from there got an audience with the Don. Giustino, in turn, gave him another assignment: assemble Viktor Vassiliev, his son, Sergei Vassiliev, the Bruíké club manager Pika Mikaere and himself at the Italian Mafia's HQ.